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101 Insights: Forgiveness of Self

The Freedom of Self-Forgiveness by Mariah Burton Nelson

Growing Down: Tools for Healing the Inner Child - Self-Forgiveness

Forgiving Ourselves

On Self Forgiveness—I Wasn’t There by Ellen Dubois

Forgiving ourselves and Healing the Inner Child

Truths For Self-Forgiveness by Robert Elias Najemy

Self-forgiveness by Mercedes Alejandro

The Liberation of Self-forgiveness by Leighton Bates

Forgiving Oneself  - Ask Rabbi Simmons

A Critique of Self Forgiveness by Paul Vitz, Ph.D.

Forgiving Myself: Disharming My Inner Terrorists - Noel Frederick McInnis

The Forgiveness of Self? by Reverend Bill Hines

What Self-Forgiveness Is - by Thom Rutledge